Camping in Liguria

Experience nature camping at its best. Steeply sloping mountains, small and romantic bays and beaches, the famous Cinque Terre, colorful houses and a fascinating culture characterize the image of Liguria and make your camping vacation perfect.

Camps in Liguria

Camping in Liguria - this is what our campers think

Explore Liguria: Camping Adventures & Local Highlights

Special characteristics of the region

Liguria, a narrow strip of land nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennines, is famed for its breathtaking coastline, the Italian Riviera. This region boasts camping sites that offer stunning sea views and easy access to both beaches and mountains. The area is a mosaic of picturesque villages, olive groves, and clear waters, making it a camper's paradise.

Places to visit

Don't miss the Cinque Terre, five ancient seaside villages carved into the rugged cliffs, accessible by hiking trails that promise awe-inspiring views. Explore the cultural riches of Genoa, Liguria's capital, with its historic center, one of the largest in Europe. The glamorous San Remo and the tranquil Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante are also must-visit spots.


Liguria is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. Hike the famous Ligurian Trail for panoramic vistas, dive into the Mediterranean to explore vibrant marine life, or cycle along the coast, enjoying the sea breeze. Rock climbing in Finale Ligure offers challenges for adventurers, while the region's beaches provide relaxation and leisure.

Events, festivals and traditions

Experience Liguria's rich cultural tapestry at local festivals such as the Sanremo Music Festival, Italy's premier music event. The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics in Genoa is a spectacular sight, and the traditional Olive Oil Festival in Imperia celebrates the region's liquid gold with tastings and culinary events.

Best time to travel

The ideal time for camping in Liguria is from late spring to early fall (May to September), when the weather is warm, and the landscape is vibrant. However, for those looking to avoid the summer crowds, late September and October offer mild weather and the chance to experience local harvest festivals.

Regional specialities

Ligurian cuisine is known for its variety and quality. Specialties include pesto, focaccia, farinata, trenette al pesto and panissa. The region also produces some of Italy's finest wines, including Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese and Sciacchetrà. Also try the many sweet treats such as pandolce, canestrelli and amaretti.

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