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Experience nature camping at its best. Steeply sloping mountains, small and romantic bays and beaches, the famous Cinque Terre, colorful houses and a fascinating culture characterize the image of Liguria and make your camping vacation perfect.

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Explore Liguria: Camping Adventures & Local Highlights

Special characteristics of the region

Liguria is known for its spectacular coastal landscape, characterized by steep cliffs and bays. The region is also rich in historic towns and villages perched on hills and cliffs, offering spectacular views of the sea.

Places to visit

Liguria offers a wealth of destinations, including the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre, charming Portofino, the medieval city of Genoa and the famous Riviera of Flowers.


Liguria is suitable for those who enjoy being in nature and are interested in art and culture. The region offers a wealth of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling and water sports. Those interested in art and culture can visit the historic towns and visit the famous museums. Those who want to combine both can, for example, hike from place to place in Cinque Terre and visit the extraordinary villages.

Events, festivals and traditions

Liguria hosts numerous festivals and events that are worth a visit. Among the most popular are the Festa Stella Maris in Camogli, a religious festival that ends with a spectacular procession by the sea, and the Jazz Festival in Sanremo.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Liguria is from April to November, when the weather is mild and sunny and most outdoor activities are available. In the months of May to June and September to October there are still a little less tourists and you can already enjoy the offer to the fullest.

Regional specialities

Ligurian cuisine is known for its variety and quality. Specialties include pesto, focaccia, farinata, trenette al pesto and panissa. The region also produces some of Italy's finest wines, including Pigato, Vermentino, Rossese and Sciacchetrà. Also try the many sweet treats such as pandolce, canestrelli and amaretti.

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