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With its stunning scenery and mild climate, Lake Garda, or Lago di Garda, is a popular destination in Italy. It is the largest lake in Italy and offers campers a variety of outdoor activities.

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Explore Lake Garda: Camping Adventures & Local Highlights

Special characteristics of the region

Deep blue water, picturesque villages and a green overgrown shore. The lake is not for nothing the biggest attraction of the region. In addition, there are also a variety of activities, including water sports, hiking, biking and climbing, as well as many culinary specialties, especially fish dishes and wines, waiting to be eaten or tasted with relish.

Places to visit

The region around Lake Garda offers numerous sights. A popular destination is the picturesque village of Sirmione, which is located on a peninsula at the southern end of the lake. Here you can see the medieval castle and ancient Roman ruins. Another highlight is the town of Malcesine on the eastern shore of the lake. From the castle there is a great view of the lake.


Lake Garda is a popular destination for families, couples and friends. Especially water sports fans get their money's worth. Sailing, surfing, diving and splashing around, there is something here for every water rat. The region is also a paradise for hikers and cyclists. There are well-marked trail networks for both. Also for climbers there are many rock walls around the lake.

Events, festivals and traditions

During the summer many festivals and events take place around Lake Garda. For example, visit the Bardolino Wine Festival, which takes place every year in October and attracts visitors from all over the world. In August the Festival della Magnolia takes place in Gardone Riviera, where you can taste local products and see traditional dances.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Lake Garda is from April to October. But already in March and until November the temperatures can be pleasantly warm. For real campers there are no limits regarding the season anyway. In contrast to the cold Alpine regions, here on mild days you can even do without the heating in winter.

Regional specialities

The region is known for its delicious wines, especially Bardolino, Valpolicella and Soave. Also famous is Garda trout, called Carpione. This very rare fish is found only in Lake Garda and is very popular both with fishermen and as a dish on the plate.

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