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About us

We are Nomady. As great nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, we have observed a growing need for sleeping accommodations in nature. Away from the crowd, directly in nature. Simply being outside.

Who we are

Finn Wilkesmann

Co-Founder & COO

Always in the heart of nature. Finn connects the camping community like no other. His passion for outdoor experiences is always palpable, so it's no wonder that he moved from central Germany to the Alps. The founder, ski instructor and mountain enthusiast is a genuine wellspring of ideas and never loses sight of the path, even with his eyes on the summit. And he always has a good mountain cheese in his backpack!

Paolo De Caro

Co-Founder & Creation

Fairview or Riverside? Yes! As interchangeable a village may be, Paolo would like to know the place. And above all, he would like to capture it in pictures. The people, the culture, the landscape, the tumbleweed and the village goat. The search for beauty is most interesting where no one suspects it. From a small icon to the brand vision. At Nomady he is responsible for the design and development of the brand.

Michael Hendlich

Co-Founder & Software Development

As a developer, Michael is always three steps ahead and still retains the actual focus. If he wasn't constantly coding for us, you'd think he was directing Anonymous. Just as he has learned in various projects to discover weaknesses through constructive deconstruction, he does the same with Nomady. Nomady is one with nature and Michael is one with the technology behind it. It's that simple. And by the way, he probably makes the best pizzas outside of Italy.

Lisa Eberhard


The nature-loving all-rounder manages marketing like one of her snowshoe tours. With good organization and that little bit extra. With that extra effort, she not only reaches summits but also our campers, whom she motivates to go out into the world and into nature.

Jannis Hiller

Host Management & Support

Focusing on people. Jannis lives his own motto through and through. Jannis has that energy that encourages even the shyest person to talk like a waterfall. As part of the team, he juggles all contacts from our hosts to tourism organizations and local authorities and is happy to jump in at the deep end for us. Literally, because Jannis likes to go swimming in all weathers, so much so that even Wim Hof is left breathless.

Kevin Kreps

Software Development

A tinkerer behind the scenes, Kevin is the architect of seamless user interfaces, a master at uniting technology and aesthetics. Armed with a laptop and a wealth of ideas, he lives the work & travel life by working #anytimeanywhere. In a world where bugs are not only inevitable but almost predictable, Kevin calmly waves them off and says, "Nice to meet you, but it's time to go!"

Karin Sutter

Admin & Finance

Karin is like a bee. Instead of visually, just inside very balanced, in a good mood (bees certainly always are) and she does not let the effort show. She takes off loads and provides help where it is most needed. Her strength is bookkeeping and operational work. With her, the meadow is not so big anymore.

Christina Ziegler


In the realm of the digital world, Christina reigns supreme. With fervor, she navigates data and trends to craft the perfect strategies for Nomady, leaving our community utterly captivated. A true nomad with an insatiable spirit of discovery, Christina enriches Nomady with her boundless energy and unwavering enthusiasm.

Adrian Backes

Marketing & Creation

A tent, mountains as far as the eye can see and people with whom you can embark on new adventures. He takes care of content creation and design at Nomady with the same passion and a keen eye for the everyday beauties that otherwise tend to go unnoticed. The inspiration is out there and so is Adrian. And that's probably why he enjoys working on his VW bus (because it's adventurous too).

Kimberley Heizmann

Finance & Support

If you were to put Kim in a room full of chaos, it would be organized before you could blink an eye. And the exciting thing is that you can still find everything. As a financial juggler, she always has an overview and is at home in the world of numbers. As a dog owner, she is drawn to the great outdoors every day and has a long-standing love of camping in the south of France. A world of balance, as only Kim can.

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