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Alpine Circle – the Round Trip Through Graubünden

The alpine round trip through the mountains of Graubünden connects the four most prominent sights in the canton, but turns something else into its greatest attraction: the journey itself. Along the route on winding mountain passes, in wild nature parks, on picturesque lakeshores or on relaxed sun terraces, there is much more to discover.

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On fixed routes or completely free style

On the Alpine Circle you can either discover Graubünden individually or choose one of the three routes "focus", "centrala" or "cumpleta" for easier planning.

The first route connects the tourist heart of Graubünden over 150 kilometres (shown in blue on the map). In the Albula and Engadine regions, travellers discover the flora and fauna of the National Park and immerse themselves in the fascinating glacier world of the Diavolezza. The UNESCO World Heritage Landwasser Viaduct is also part of the shortest circular tour, which provides one to two days of highlights.

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Disover beatiful landscapes

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Ruta centrala

An extension of this route is the "ruta centrala" with 200 kilometres (in purple on the map). It opens up the Engadin-Davos-Chur axis. Further experiences await you there, such as the dreamy side valley of Sertig, the diverse Graubünden Art Museum or the authentic Heidi village. Other side trips can be made as desired, for example to Arosa Bärenland, the Cavaglia glacier mills or the Viamala gorge.

Your camps along the Ruta centrala


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Ruta cumpleta - the Kings route

Finally, the whole diversity of Graubünden can be experienced on the "ruta cumpleta". The tour connects all four main sights (in red on the map) over 450 kilometres. In addition, the round trip leads over the Gotthard Pass (Tremola) - one of a total of 13 Alpine passes on the big loop - for a detour into Ticino. If you decide to do the King's Route, it is worth planning at least one week, or better still ten days.

Your additional camps along Ruta cumpleta


Following the rivers

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Little planning and lots of spontaneity

A road trip without camping is unthinkable. The Alpine Circle and our camps not only complement each other seamlessly, together they make the road trip the perfect experience. Enjoy the freedom, the seclusion and the wonderful views at the numerous camps along the round trip. Have fun!

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This inspiration was created in collaboration with Graubünden-Ferien. Photographer: Stefan Schlumpf

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