Camping with dogs - Discover dog-friendly campsites for adventures with your four-legged friend

Discover our dog-friendly campsites and cabins that are perfectly tailored to the needs of dog owners. Whether you want to spent nights in your camper, motorhome, tent or in another kind of simple accommodation, we have created a selection of offers that will not only make mistresses and masters happy, but also all four-legged friends.

Special Camps for dog owners

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Nomady Camps offer you the freedom to spend time with your dogs in nature. Often you stay near farms or just out of the way, in the middle of nowhere. Those camps were labelled as Dog Camps by the proprietors meaning dogs are not only allowed there, they are explicitly welcome.

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About Nomady

Nomady is for every dog owner who enjoys spending time outside in nature. Whether with a van or motorhome, a tent, hiking, on vacation or just passing through. There are a variety of overnight stay options and something for everyone: a simple meadow, a pitch next to creek, a large garden, a rustic hut or a spot in the forest. Particularly adventurous travelers can also book a night in a hayloft, a trailer or a barn through us. One thing is guaranteed: These can be experiences for eternity and relaxing vacations for all.

More camps your dog likes

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Besides camps specifically for dogs, you can also find a broader variety of offers where dogs are allowed to join you.

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Gentle rules

What could be better than playing all day in the nearby forest or walking to the beach together? Just being outside together. To make it as beautiful as promised, we have three simple gentle rules.

What to consider

How many dogs?

State in your reservation how many dogs you arrive with so your hosts is informed. In the message field you can add information about your four-legged accompaniment.

Other animals

Many of our campsites are located near a farm where there are also other animals. If we take mutual consideration, everyone can enjoy their place in nature.

Travel documents?

For a stress-free camping trip, please remember to inquire in advance about country-specific entry documents and transport conditions.

Accommodations where dogs are welcome

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Sometimes your outdoor adventure calls for a different kind of setting. You will find what you are looking for in our accommodation offers. Whether yurt, tipi, trailer, alpine hut or a shelter, all are something special, but have in common that dogs are also welcome.

Etiquette for dog owners

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As responsible dog owners, we are always role models for other dog owners. Newcomers are often unaware of unwritten rules. Here you can find the "Etiquette for Dog Owners."

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Encounter with guard dogs

Livestock Protection Switzerland advises against taking companion dogs. Dogs, as close relatives of wolves, provoke increased defensive behavior in livestock guardian dogs. Therefore, every hike should be well prepared. You can find more information on the topic here. You can read about our own experiences on our blog.

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Tips for a tolerable coexistence with cows

Peaceful and comfortable cows can also become dangerous, depending on the situation, especially when mother cow herds defend their calves. Cows have a limited field of vision and are sensitive to stress. If a cow fixes on you, lowers its head, and starts snorting, it signals warning signs. In this situation, it is advisable to stay calm, not to scare the animal, slowly back away, and leave the situation. Due to their similarity to wolves, dogs provoke increased attention and defense behavior in cows, cattle, and bulls. Therefore, keep your dog on a short leash and under control. If the cows attack your leashed dog, let it go so it can flee. Tolerable coexistence between humans, dogs, and grazing animals can be achieved through mutual consideration and adherence to rules.

Camps recommended by H-und.ch Tourism

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This inspiration was created in collaboration with H-und.ch Tourism, the portal for holidays and leisure with dogs in Switzerland. The camps above are some of their favorites.

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