Nature Camping in Switzerland: a Guide to Camping in the Countryside

Do you want to reconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, experience your surroundings with all your senses and live in the moment? Nature camping offers you exactly that and much more.

Hand picked nature campsites

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What is nature camping?

Nature camping is all about being close to nature and preserving the environment. Away from the big tourist crowds, you will find peace and seclusion through nature camping. At the peaceful, green and quiet places in a natural environment, you can really switch off, experience the beauty of nature and pursue outdoor activities.

What to consider:

The location

When choosing a nature campsite, it is important to consider the location, surroundings and your preferences. Do you want to be completely secluded, where hardly any hikers pass by and only the fox might briefly dart by? Or are you looking for a place that is well connected to the hiking network? Would you like to cool off in a stream in the afternoon or listen to the nocturnal activities of the animal world while sitting by the campfire? In Switzerland there is a nature campsite for every preference.


Make sure you bring the necessary camping equipment. Depending on what's available locally, you'll likely need a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, unless of course you're traveling with an equipped camper. Cooking equipment, water and food should also not be missing. We recommend recipes that are easy to prepare and require only a pot. In addition, it is always helpful to pack a headlamp, a first aid kit and suitable outdoor clothing to make your nature camping adventure a success.

Respect the environment

When camping in nature, it is important to respect the environment and leave no trace. This means following the Leave No Trace principles, such as packing up all trash and not disturbing plants or wildlife. But also make sure to only use cosmetics and hygiene products outdoors that are biodegradable and do not contain microplastics. These should also never end up in bodies of water, but should seep into the ground, where degradation can take place more unproblematically.

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The most beautiful nature campsites in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for beautiful landscapes. Wild forests, green meadows, clear lakes and breathtaking mountains. Embedded in these landscapes are the most beautiful nature campsites in Switzerland. No matter how you are traveling and what your wishes are, you will find the right offer here.

Simply outdoors

With the camper in the middle of nature

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Cars forbidden? One or two places on this list may have such a sign at the beginning of the access road. But as a guest of the landowners, you are still allowed to pass through and the paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds is waiting for you. These nature campsites guarantee a relaxing time.

Remote tent sites

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Nature camping with a tent is also possible in Switzerland. Even though you can't pitch your tent just anywhere, there are natural places where you are welcome and can spend a special time in nature. Be it alone, as a couple, with friends or children, here you can relax and enjoy the simple life.

Simple accommodations

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Your time in nature will be much more intense if you leave your camper and tent at home and sleep with a view of the stars instead. At Nomady, you'll find some exceptional offers that make just that possible and ensure unforgettable nature camping experiences.

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Wonderful nature camping in Switzerland

Nature camping is a great way to reconnect with the great outdoors and escape the distractions of modern life. If you choose a beautiful location and respect the environment, you can truly immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. So why not try nature camping on your next trip to Switzerland?

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