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Nature Park Gantrisch - a Promise to Nature

Diverse habitats, original landscapes and living traditions. In the Gantrisch Nature Park in the Canton of Bern, the 400 km² area that has been certified as a regional nature park since 2012, you can experience all this and much more.

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What it means to be a certified nature park

The certification as a nature park comes with a promise: One that commits to protect, preserve and enhance the diversity of nature and the beauty of landscapes in the long term. At the same time, the park is willing to promote regional added value and sustainable economy. A promise that fits Nomady.

Discover some highlights of the park

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The Gäggersteg

The unique wooden footbridge leads right through the trees, over storm wood and past huge root plates, with a super view of the Gantrisch chain. The deadwood provides a new habitat for many organisms and animals and contributes to biodiversity. The trail allows visitors to experience the natural reforestation in the reserve up close.

Popular camps in the Gantrisch Nature Park

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Primeval landscape of Brecca

No wonder this landscape has given birth to a special wealth of fairy tales and legends. The steep limestone rock faces with their whitish jags, created by glaciers, as well as the romantic alpine meadows form the perfect scenery for exciting stories. The primeval landscape of Brecca is wild and lonely, fascinating and mysterious. Let yourself be enchanted by this valley, by the view of the Schwarzsee, by the Beccaschlund and by the numerous rustic inns while hiking or biking.

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Dark, darker, Gantrisch

Migratory birds lose their orientation and insects are attracted by artificial light and die. The food supply for many wild animals is reduced and their development is disturbed. These are consequences of light pollution, which has increased by 70% in Switzerland in the last 20 years. The nature park Gantrisch offers an exception here. On various occasions and in the observatories, interested people are invited to explore the night. They are rewarded by insights into the depth and beauty of the universe.

More camps in the Gantrisch Nature Park

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This inspiration was created in collaboration with the Gantrisch Nature Park. Images © | Nature Park Gantrisch | Pascal Gertschen

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