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Winter Camping in Switzerland - Your Next Adventure Awaits

Are you ready for a winter adventure in the Swiss Alps? If you love the outdoors, thrills, and braving the elements, then winter camping in Switzerland should be at the top of your list. What could be more beautiful than meadows and mountains covered in white, your breath smoking like a chimney, huddled close to a campfire and a hot drink in your hand? Winter camping - a truly romantic experience for the whole family and your loved ones.

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The adventure begins

Wild camping during the cold season is an unforgettable adventure that you will remember for a long time. Guaranteed. Before your road trip through snowy landscapes and snowy forests, however, it's important to be well prepared. The weather can be harsh and the conditions unforgiving, so it's important to pack the right gear and follow some basic safety guidelines.

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Check the weather, prepare, go!

Weather conditions can change very quickly in winter and in the mountains. It is therefore advisable to be well prepared for all eventualities. It is best to analyze the weather forecasts MeteoSchweiz and Landi well and adjust the planning of the adventure accordingly. Shopping before a road trip is essential. Here, too, all possibilities should be considered. Write a short list with all the important things you need and that you might need: Tea? Firewood? Matches? Raclette stove? Thermos flask? Flashlight?

Winter camps


Winter camping tips

Warm clothes

The phrase may be platitudinous, but it's true. There is no such thing as good or bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Be well equipped for any temperature and pack spare clothes and shoes. In a motorhome, it's not so easy to dry wet clothes and shoes quickly. In addition, it can be very chilly at night. Pajamas and wool socks should never be missing!


Reach your camp when there is still enough daylight, so you can get your bearings and explore the surroundings. Is the camp covered in snow and perhaps rocks or puddles not visible underneath? Or is there a wind blowing and the vehicle should best be aligned protected from it? Is the ground soft and do wooden planks need to be placed under the wheels? Is the parking direction ideal to start the next day right away? Make these considerations and nothing can surprise you.


Camping without heating is possible in our latitudes even in winter. With a thick sleeping bag you can even spend the night in a tent. Nowadays, however, many motorhomes and buses are equipped with heaters that allow comfortable temperatures inside. However, a heater failure overnight can be very uncomfortable. Test the heater before you leave and fill up with enough diesel/gasoline/gas so it can perform its valuable service overnight without any problems.


To ensure that the heat generated is not wasted, it is recommended that the cold bridges are optimally insulated. These three measures can have a great effect: a curtain between the driver's cab and the living area, draught stoppers by the sliding door and thermal mats on the windows. The greatest heat loss happens at the windows. From plastic insulating mats with suction cups to custom fabric mats with magnets, there are numerous products on the market that insulate heat. Project Camper offers high-quality thermal mats for a wide range of vehicles.


Most motorhomes are equipped with a second battery for the living area. However, this does not mean that electricity is infinite. During long winter nights, lights and heating are heavily used. Therefore, make sure you have enough voltage, be economical and use the electricity only when it is really necessary. Or, when choosing a camp, look for those with shore power. On Nomady you can use the filter "electricity" to see only camps with shore power.


In winter everything can freeze, especially drinks that are left outside overnight. Be careful here with glass bottles, which can explode as the water expands. Equally at risk are gray and fresh water tanks of camping vehicles, which are often located outside on the underbody. Here, it is advisable to fill the tanks to a maximum of ¾ full. This allows the water to expand. For emergencies, take a five-liter canister with you into the living area. This way, your morning coffee and tea will not be at risk.

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Must have

  1. Winter tires and snow chains for slip-free pass roads.
  2. Ice scraper and snow broom, so you can drive off in the morning with a clear view and without a white cap.
  3. Door lock deicer, so you can get in when you need to get in.
  4. Snow shovel, for a free shoveled camp.
  5. Thermal clothing, gloves, hat and wool socks for warm and cozy moments.

Winter accommodations

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Even for those who do not own a motorhome or bus, camping adventure in winter does not remain a dream. On Nomady you can find numerous offers of winter suitable cabins and accommodations in the middle of nature. With cozy fireplaces, saunas or hotpots. Additionally, check how your accommodation is accessible, whether by car or just on foot. Do you need snowshoes? Is there a fireplace with enough wood? Are the water pipes frozen? Is electricity available or do you need power banks?

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Winter activities - plan your day

With its snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and picturesque villages, Switzerland is a winter wonderland that offers endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. From skiing and snowboarding to ice climbing and dog sledding - there's everything your heart desires. During the winter months, the days are shorter. Therefore, when going on activities and excursions, make sure that there is enough light on the way back or that you have a flashlight with you.

A romantic night under the stars - tips for little romantics


Whether with fairy lights, fin candles or lanterns. With soft and warming light, you create a romantic ambience.

Camp fire

Campfire & sheepskins: Sitting around the campfire on soft sheepskins. We know, it's getting kitschy ;)

Hot drinks

A fine soup, tea or mulled wine. The main thing is to warm your hands and your soul.

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