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Gift card terms

Version December 2020

1 Scope

1.1 These terms and conditions for the acquisition of a gift card through the online platform («Bedingungen») radminister the rights and commitments of the contracting parties when buying a gift card by means of the online platform

1.2 The "Terms of Use Online Platform (GTC)" (hereinafter "GTC") establish a basic piece of these Terms and Conditions. Should these terms and conditions negate the GTC, these terms and conditions will outweigh everything else.

1.3 Nomady's gift card offer is based exclusively on these terms and conditions. Any terms and conditions of users do not apply. This also applies if Nomady has not expressly objected to the terms and conditions of users.

2 The gift card

2.1 The gift card is in the form of a gift card code that you can enter at checkout to pay for your booking on Nomady. It entitles you to pay the rental price agreed with the host and the Nomady fee.

2.2 With the gift card, you are totally adaptable: If the cost of your outdoors stay (outdoors and Nomady expense) is not exactly the sum you have accessible on the gift card, the distinction stays as a credit on the gift card. The credit will be utilized when you book another outdoors stay. You can likewise utilize the gift card if the cost of the chose outdoors offer is higher than the measure of the gift card; for this situation, you settle the extraordinary distinction through the standard methods for installment.

2.3 A cash payment of the gift card is excluded.

3 The acquisition

3.1 You can purchase the gift card directly on the Nomady website. For the handling of the payment process, we use the services of Stripe Connect as usual. Reference is made to the provisions of the GTC.

3.2 You can order the gift card either in electronic or physical form.

3.3 Regardless of whether the gift card is ordered in electronic or physical form, the contract is concluded with the order confirmation from Nomady ("conclusion of the contract"). The physical gift card will be delivered to the person and address specified by you by A Mail. We hand over the envelope to the Swiss Post no later than three working days after receipt of payment. With this handover, benefit, and risk in the sense of Art.

4 The redemption

4.1 The gift card can be redeemed on Nomady at any time during its validity period.

4.2 Cash payment is not possible.

4.3 Anyone who knows the gift card code has the opportunity to redeem it. The gift card is not personal, and the presentation of the gift card is not necessary for its redemption; it is sufficient to enter the gift card in the designated form field on the Nomady website.

4.4 Nomady assumes no liability for the unlawful redemption of a gift card without prior notification of loss (see below). Nomady is not obliged to clarify whether the person entering the gift card code is the rightful owner of the gift card code.

5 Due diligence during storage

5.1 Keep the gift card or the code safe and protect it from unauthorized access. Nomady disclaims any liability for lost gift cards or gift card codes.

5.2 The forwarding of the gift card or the gift card code is at your own risk. Nomady also declines any liability for lost gift cards or gift card codes or their improper use.

5.3 Contact Nomady immediately if you do not receive an order confirmation or gift card by mail within five minutes after purchasing the gift card.

6 Loss/misuse of the gift card

6.1 In case of loss of the gift card or the gift card code, no replacement is possible. You are solely responsible for the loss.

6.2 The Nomady team will try to find a good solution with you without being obliged to do so or guarantee a solution. However, your cooperation is necessary (see section 6.3 below). If you do not comply with section 6.3, a solution is excluded from the outset, and you are fully responsible for the loss of the gift card.

6.3 In case of loss, suspected loss, theft, or risk of misuse of a gift card, you as a buyer are therefore obliged to inform Nomady immediately (email or Nomady support chat). Please identify yourself (send scan ID or similar) to ensure that we are dealing with the correct buyer. Please understand that the person you have gifted with the gift certificate cannot claim any rights under clause 6. For legal reasons, we can only seek a solution with you as the buyer.

7 Validity

7.1 The gift card expires 10 years after the conclusion of the contract (Art. 127 CO).

8 Right of withdrawal

8.1 There is no right of withdrawal.

9 Commercial or Commercial resale

9.1 A commercial and/or commercial resale of gift card or the gift card codes is prohibited unless otherwise agreed in writing.

10 No acquisition in good faith

10.1 Gift cards are only redeemable if purchased directly from Nomady. If gift cards are purchased from third parties, the buyer bears the risk of non-redeemability. Nomady is in no way liable for the value of gift cards obtained from sources other than the Nomady website. A bona fide acquisition of the gift card outside the Nomady website is excluded.

11 Validity of the GTC

11.1 In all other respects, the GTC of August 2020 and the Privacy Policy apply. Both documents can be accessed on the Nomady website at any time.

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