Camp, take pictures & earn

Update Thank you for your interest! We are currently looking for professional camp photographers in Germany.

Earn money with Vanlife? Become a Nomady Scout, photograph the most beautiful camps with private hosts and promote sustainable and slow tourism in Europe. For every assigned camp you photograph, you will receive 150 EUR.

How it works


Do you prefer to spend your free time outdoors in nature, do you have an eye for beauty and aesthetics and are you already registered as self-employed in Germany? Do you like traveling with your tent or bus and have some time to spare in spring? Then we're looking for you!

Take pictures

Together we'll see which camps with untapped potential are near you or your desired destination in Germany or Austria. You stay there for free and photograph and stage the camp in the best possible light.

Earn money

As soon as you have edited and exported approx. 10-15 images with our filter template and sent them to us including the RAW files, you will receive a payment of 150 euros. For camps with several places, you will receive 100 euros for each additional place.

Nomady image

"As a scout I combine my van trips, my love for nature adventures and my passion for photography"

– Could be from you

Questions and answers

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