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Update Thank you for your interest! We are not looking for scouts during the winter time. Please check back in spring.

Earn money with Vanlife? Become a Nomady Scout, find the most beautiful camps at private hosts and promote sustainable and slow tourism in Europe. For every camp you bring on board, you can earn up to EUR 200.

How it works


Are you often on the road and prefer to spend your free time outdoors in nature? Do you like to travel with your tent, bus or do you love simple and special accommodations? Then you are perfect to become a Nomady Scout!

Find camps

A piece of land right by the sea, an idyllic spot on a farm or a romantic garden in the village. In the search for these unique places, breathtaking nature and authentic culture are at the very center.

Earn money

As soon as the camp is published on Nomady, you will receive the payment. If you have a flair for good images and take additional photos of the camp, you will receive 200 euros. Link us on social media with #nomadycamp and #nomadyscout, let's go!

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"As a scout, I combine traveling with my van, my interest in other cultures and people, and my passion for photography."

– Could be from you

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