Escape the fog and head for the sun. Mount your hiking boots now and find your camp away from the crowds for relaxing days of autumn hikes. The most beautiful spots in nature are waiting for you for your next camping adventure.

Camps for pleasure hikers

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The Napf region is a true camper mecca for those seeking peace and nature. From the Nomady Camps, there are numerous routes to discover on and around the Napf. Experience the impressive 360-degree panorama on the summit and enjoy a break in the many mountain restaurants and alps along the hikes.

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Combine your hike with foraging

Autumn is mushroom season and its well worth it to keep your eyes open and to look for some delicious fungi. Of course, safety is important and mushroom hunting needs to be done with certain caution since many mushrooms that are safe for consumption have lethally poisonous lookalikes. As a tip, keep a mushroom identifier at hand, don't combine different types and if you are a beginner or unsure, bring your find to a mushroom control center before processing them further.

Glamping close to nature

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For families or travelers who want to travel light and with little luggage, fixed accommodations such as teepees, yurts, sleeping barrels and tiny houses are also an option.

Enjoy autumn

Camps for mountaineers

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Larch forests in autumn

Conifers are known to be evergreen with one exception: Larches turn yellow in autumn and loose their needles. The spectacle can be seen mainly in two regions in Switzerland - the Engadin in Graubünden and in the Valais. Which is why it is always worth it to take a trip to either of those regions once the time is right.

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Camping in the Valais

Mystical larch forests, sun-baked wooden facades, lush mountain meadows - images that describe the Valais in its most beautiful natural splendor. In the Moosalpregion, for example, you hike along the Suonen, surrounded by a dozen four-thousand-meter peaks. Enjoy the evening at your Nomady camp.

Safe hiking - what to look for


Use maps and hiking literature to inform yourself about trail categories, difficulty levels, distances, elevation gain, and walking times.


"There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes". Work with the "onion principle" (many individual layers) and do not forget your hiking boots.

Rescue in the mountains

The most important numbers: Swiss emergency number 144 | Rega 1414 | European emergency number 112. Save time in an emergency with the Rega app!

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This inspiration was created in collaboration with TCS (Touring Club Switzerland).

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