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Camping with children and family - Enjoy the natural open-air playground

Looking for family-friendly nature campsites away from the tourist crowds? Here you are sure to find the perfect offer for your next outdoor camping adventure with family and children. Enjoy time spend in the forest, games in the meadow, tell scary stories around the campfire and sleep under the stars.

Camps for children and families

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All those camps have one thing in common: Children are welcome, and the surrounding area can become a big playground for unforgettable memories. All you have to do is to step out of the van and into nature. There might be farm animals to be discovered, streams to be played in and forests worthy of mystical stories, epic play battles or mushroom hunts.

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About Nomady

Nomady is for every family who enjoys spending time outside in nature. Whether with a van or motorhome, a tent, hiking, on vacation or just passing through. There are a variety of overnight stay options and something for everyone: a simple meadow, a pitch next to a cow pasture, a large garden, a rustic hut or a spot in the forest. Particularly adventurous travelers can also book a night in a hayloft, a trailer or a barn through us. One thing is guaranteed: These can be experiences for eternity and relaxing vacations for parents.

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The Zeltkinder community recommends Nomady

Camping is an addiction for us. The longing for freedom and space to run around away from everyday life and lots of time together without distractions. After just two days, the children argue less and are much more relaxed. Being at the lake and swimming, wonderful animal experiences, night hikes and campfires with stick bread and marshmallows are all unforgettable memories.

At Nomady, we always find the right pitches. Best of all, we can find a suitable pitch with friendly hosts in every region and can filter specifically for pitches for tents.

We can't wait to see what other great places we discover via Nomady.

Ivonne (camping expert and founder of Zeltkinder)

Tips from mommy and daddy


Camping often lives on spontaneity and improvisation. Although these components can also enhance the food for children, it is advisable to have a rough plan for the meals of the little gourmands. So there is more time for you and bad mood is averted.

Games and entertainment

Arms folded behind their backs, striding with a critical gaze towards the equipment to be judged. The little connoisseurs are in their element and know no mercy when it comes to evaluating the playground. After all, a lot of time is invested here and an important need is satisfied. Play and entertainment should have a high priority, also in the planning.

Bad weather plan

As picky as you are about the playground, child is critical of the weather situation. Rain often restricts the space for movement and can literally make the harmonious family vacation fall into the water. A plan for bad weather should therefore be available in advance. In an emergency, every second counts ;)

Accommodations for the family

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Spending the night in a tipi, rustic cabin or homey trailer allows you to spend quality time as a family without relying on a tent or camper van.

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"We have enjoyed the Camp on the Emme very much. Super suitable for children with the playground and the river right next to the place. Very warm and accommodating hosts. We will come again :) "

Rating of the camp "River-Camp Feldgüetli

Memories made around the campfire

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Imagine roasting marshmallows over a crackling campfire, stargazing, and sharing stories under the vast open sky. Nature becomes your playground, sparking curiosity and endless discoveries for the kids. It’s not just about fresh air and scenic views; camping fosters teamwork, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. Plus, it’s a digital detox paradise! Unplug, unwind, and reconnect as a family.

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