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Ribel bramata over the campfireDiscover a traditional Ribel-Bramata recipe: a gluten-free dish blending nutty Ribel corn with creamy cheese, perfect for cozy campfire evenings.
Small Campsites in Italy - the Hidden Treasures of the SouthDiscover the hidden treasures of Italy at small campsites by the sea and in the countryside. Experience nature, culture and comfort in an unforgettable vacation.
Rent Your Dream Cabin for Unforgettable Nature ExperiencesExperience the fascination of nature up close and rent a charming cabin for your getaway.
7 Secret Camping Tips in SwitzerlandWe present 7 unique and hidden camping regions that are guaranteed to captivate you. From picturesque lakes to impressive mountain landscapes - there is something for everyone here.
Camping on a farm - Discover the authentic country lifeEnjoy fresh local products and immerse yourself in an unforgettable camping adventure for the whole family.
Alpine Circle – GraubündenWith motorhome, camper or van. As interesting as Graubünden, as diverse are our camping offers.
Nature camping in Switzerland - a guide to camping in the countrysideReconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Agricamping in Italy - Experience nature and farm life up closeSpend your holidays in Italy at idyllic agricamping sites.
Glamping – the comfortable way to experience camping in natureAre you looking for a unique way to experience the beauty of nature in Switzerland that offers some adventure without sacrificing certain amenities?
Your unforgettable retreat in natureHow about a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle? Our nature-inspired accommodations invite you to break free from urban monotony and reconnect with nature. Here, you'll find the perfect environment to unwind, recharge, and detach from the chaos of daily life.
Family CampingAdventures in the forest, games in the meadow, scary stories around the campfire and sleeping under the stars.
The Region Bellinzona e ValliA region that wants to be explored and experienced with all senses. Pack your bags and experience real camping in nature.
Microadventure ideas - Rediscover home in a new waySee your home from a new perspective. Short and simple adventures, called microadventures, are ideal for this.
Camping with DogsWe have put together a selection of camping offers that not only make owners happy but also their four-legged friends.
Adventure Central SwitzerlandJoin us off the beaten path on an unforgettable journey through fascinating Central Switzerland.
The hidden gems of Lucerne's rural regionsAround the Napf area and in the two rural lake regions there are true gems and numerous camps that want to be discovered.
Wild camping in SwitzerlandKnown for its breathtaking landscapes, Switzerland is perfect for a wild camping adventure. But is wild camping allowed in Switzerland at all?
Naturpark Gantrisch – a promise to natureDiverse habitats, original landscapes and living traditions. So camping lives up to its name.
Camping and Hiking in AutumnEscape the fog and head for the sun. Mount your hiking boots now and find your camp away from the crowds for relaxing autumn days of hiking.
Winter camping in SwitzerlandIf you love the outdoors, thrills, and braving the elements, then winter camping in Switzerland should be at the top of your list.

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Wild and close to nature camping

Campers will find nature-based sites and accommodations for an authentic camping adventure.

Host and earn money

Hosts create their offer, share their land with campers and earn extra money.

Tourism for all

Nomady connects and fosters a soft and local tourism that benefits everyone.

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Nomady - Everything you need to know.

Spots with private hosts

We are a booking platform for camping close to nature with private hosts. The temporary spots for tents, buses and camper vans are often far away in the middle of nowhere. In places where access is normally denied or there are no roads leading to them. Remote and well distributed - this not only counteracts the destructive force of mass tourism, but also offers what so many are looking for: An oasis of peace in nature, genuine culture and a romantic camping adventure. Our private camping spots create memories that will last a lifetime.

Camping on a farm

The farm cat welcomes you to the camp, while the chickens cluck happily. There are fresh carrots straight from the garden, and the smell of freshly baked braid is in the air. Experience the warm hospitality and discover from whom we get our food. Farm camping offers romance, exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences for the whole family. Whether you're interested in country life, looking for authentic experiences, or just want to spend some relaxing time surrounded by nature, camping on a farm is the ideal choice.

Stay local & keep it simple

Your choice of transport, accommodation and consumption has a big impact on the environmental footprint of your trip. With Nomady, you can travel to nearby destinations and avoid air travel, big hotels and hotspots. Camping is resource efficient in itself. By consuming local products at the same time, you promote an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way of traveling.

A gentle form of tourism

Not only is camping a socially and environmentally responsible form of travel, it is also the added value that makes sustainable development in tourism possible. With Nomady, for example, value can be generated even in remote and rural areas with little investment. Even more: it is the simplicity and authenticity of our offers that make them so valuable. Neither real estate bubbles nor large crowds of people are created. This is how gentle tourism works.

A scarce good has its price

A Nomady pitch is not a mass product: private space in nature is a scarce good. Moreover, it is neither possible nor sensible for private hosts to provide a large number of spots. Both of these factors not only result in a price that is worth the effort and return, but also lead to an increased appreciation for the service, the culture and ultimately also for nature.

Nature camping

The gentle breeze that cradles the grass, the rustling of leaves in the wind and the chirping of crickets at night. When camping, you experience nature up close and with all your senses. As travelers, we have a responsibility to it. After all, it is not only our vacation destination that we want to protect, it is our home. With our values and our pact we want to hold this as the basis of nature camping. Luxury is therefore defined by us in a completely different way: It is the freedom, the closeness to nature and the awareness of being a part of it.

Camping with the family

Playing to your heart's content in the meadow, discovering different plants, making a fire, building a dam, watching the animals in the pasture, sitting together by the fire in the evening, telling stories and falling asleep in the tent, exhausted but happy. Camping with the family is not only a great way to get away from it all and experience adventure, but also a perfect opportunity to get to know nature better and grow a little closer as a family. Whether by bus or tent, many experiences and memories will be taken home.

Cabins and Glamping

For those who do not own a tent or camping vehicle, prefer to have a solid roof over their heads and do not want to forgo a certain level of comfort, Nomady offers a versatile selection of alternative accommodations and glamping accommodations that provide a unique experience in the midst of nature. Stay in cozy cabins in the forest, in traditional tipis in idyllic meadows, in stylish yurts on the riverbank or in glass cubes with a direct view of the starry sky. There is something for all glampers.


The small adventure, right on your doorstep. Whether it's a night in a tent in the nearby forest, an overnight stay in a rustic mountain hut or a trip by bus to the farm in the neighboring village, experience the feeling of freedom and adventure without long travel times or elaborate preparations. Nomady focuses on local tourism and simple and authentic experiences. Discover your region and home from a new side through a microadventure.

Real culture, authentic experiences

Discover the beauty of places far away from tourist hotspots and immerse yourself in the real life of the locals. Our private hosts open their doors to their piece of land and a bit of their life. Thereby you can enjoy genuine culture, living traditions and regional culinary specialities. Let yourself be inspired by the hospitality and warmth of the local people and experience Nomady as a unique opportunity to get to know the country and its people.

Campsite nearby

Sometimes adventure is closer than you think. Nomady offers you the opportunity to find an idyllic campsite nearby without having to travel long distances. Our carefully selected sites with private hosts offer you camping close to nature in the immediate vicinity. Whether you want to get away from it all spontaneously or are already on the road and looking for a campsite nearby - with Nomady you will discover hidden treasures. Enjoy nature and experience authentic adventures without having to travel far.

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