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Camping on a Farm: Discover the Authentic Country Life

Experience the authentic charm of country life, enjoy fresh local produce and immerse yourself in an unforgettable camping adventure for the whole family.

Hand picked Farm Camps

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A perfect combination of nature, adventure and local experiences.

The farm cat is already lying on the camp spot to greet you, the chickens make room and cluck away. The carrots come straight from the garden and the braid has just been baked. Camping on a farm does not only mean experiencing deep-rooted hospitality, it also shows us where our food comes from and who cultivates our fields.

A family-friendly alternative to mass tourism

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Camping on the farm is also a great option for families. Children have the opportunity to watch the hustle and bustle of the farm and, by arrangement, may even be allowed to help feed the animals. There are often special activities, such as the opportunity to tour the farm and try your hand at milking. Camping vacations on the farm thus offer many learning and experience opportunities for children as well.

Enjoy the country life

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Camping with dogs

Farms also offer great camping opportunities for dog owners. Often there is enough space for extensive walks and sometimes even the possibility to let the dog swim in the nearby pond. Find out in advance if dogs are allowed and follow the rules regarding interactions with farm animals.

Farm Camping

Slow tourism

Camping on a farm offers the ideal opportunity to leave the stressful daily routine behind and slow down. Surrounded by animals and nature, it's especially easy to adapt to their rhythm. Put away your smartphone and close your laptop. Enjoy doing nothing in the shade of trees, evening walks in cut fields and cooling off in the little creek.

Culinary discoveries in the farm shop

On the farm you can not only experience nature, but also enjoy delicious local products. Many hosts have a farm store or offer other high quality products. Here you can taste fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade confiture, dairy products, meat, eggs and much more.

Additional income for farmers

Farm camping not only provides a unique and authentic experience for travelers, but also helps support farmers. By offering camping spots on their land, they can generate additional income. When it comes to preservation and survival, this can be a crucial factor, especially for small farms.

Get to know the farm animals

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Embrace the Charm of Farm Camping in Switzerland

With farm camping, you'll not only discover the beauty of the country's rural region, but you'll also have the opportunity to support farmers and sample fine, homemade products. Farm camping is the perfect way to experience Switzerland.

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